Great things are not done on impulse, but by a series of small things brought together



About me

With thirteen years experience in IT and digital marketing, holding positions such as Project Manager, Executive Producer, and Digital Marketing Manager, I’ve had the great fortune of working directly for a variety of brands from tiny to large.

My experience spans all areas of digital marketing. I could say I am a digital ninja, an all rounder, a heavy weight, a black belt (I actually am), but I believe in being humble and vulnerable, so I am constantly in lean mode, forever learning and growing. I started Tiny Digital with the goal to work with new and/or growing businesses, of any size, who have innovative, collaborative, goal oriented mindsets. Read a little more about me.

Websites, User Experience and eCommerce

eCommerce is growing year on year with 80.8% of Australians shopping online as of Feb 2019 with 1 in 5 purchase being made on mobile* Read more

story telling
Content, Story Telling
and SEO

You don’t just want to be found. You want your customer to be happy they found you. Creating an authentic, meaningful, and resonating story for your brand is a vital part of the experience and will amplify your SEO efforts.

Email and Marketing

Email still works, and not only that, coupled with sophisticated marketing automation you can increase customer retention and drive sales. If you don’t have either enquire now!

Measurement and Insights

Measurement is an important part of any strategy which entails setting up the correct tracking and dashboards, and regular insight generation for continuous optimisation. Tools at your disposal include Google Analytics, Data Studio, campaign insights, social platform reporting, and more.

Social Media and Advertising

Social media usage is growing across certain platforms and you need to have a solid plan for how to reach your customers through these channels, whether that is engaging with your direct audience, or running targeted advertising with similar brands and online publishers.

Mobile apps
Mobile Apps

There are 2.1 million apps available today, and everyone wants to build an app, don’t they? App development projects can be quite large and arduous as there is usually no blueprint with each app solving a unique set of problems. From strategy to delivery, I’m your girl.

* Statistica, Australia Post, CRN